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Employment Law Changes

Employment Law Changes

Are you up to date on what you can and can’t ask an applicant?  Not only do you need to know Federal law changes, there are also laws specific to each state.  For example New York recently made it illegal to ask an applicant about their salary history.  Companies that do ask can face fines […]

job descriptions reflect reality

Make sure job descriptions reflect reality

by THE HR SPECIALIST: TEXAS EMPLOYMENT LAW on JANUARY 2, 2017 8:00AM in CENTERPIECE,DISCRIMINATION AND HARASSMENT,HUMAN RESOURCES Usually, courts rely on the job descriptions employers provide when deciding whether an ADA accommodation adequately helped a disabled employee perform the essential functions of a job. However, if an employee can show that the job description doesn’t accurately or completely describe […]

Firing a Complainer

Think Twice Before Firing a Complainer

by THE HR SPECIALIST: PENNSYLVANIA EMPLOYMENT LAW on DECEMBER 12, 2016 2:00PM in DISCRIMINATION AND HARASSMENT,FIRING,HUMAN RESOURCES If you have a worker who has complained about some form of discrimination, think twice before you terminate her … unless you have fully investigated the complaint and reasonably concluded it doesn’t have merit. Recent case: Christina, who is in her fifties, worked […]

improve communication

Resolve to improve communication at work

by COMMUNICATION BRIEFINGS on DECEMBER 8, 2016 9:00AM in CENTERPIECE,OFFICE COMMUNICATION,WORKPLACE COMMUNICATION Vow now to put an end to bad habits and overhaul weak communication. Follow these tips: Accept that you can improve. Everyone has weaknesses, including you, and everyone has room for improvement. Take the time to pinpoint your flaws. Think about recent experiences where conflict arose; mistakes occurred; […]


Are Your Managers Causing Potential Lawsuits?

We stress documentation, following procedures, and fairness often.  The reason is these are some key areas managers fail and can open the door the potential lawsuits.  The article below talks about these and other areas that can lead to lawsuits. http://www.businessmanagementdaily.com/12903/the-dirty-dozen-manager-mistakes-that-spark-lawsuits If your managers need additional training, contact CyQuest today!

Screen Social Media

Should We Screen Social Media Accounts During the Hiring Process?

Question: What do you advise regarding screening social media accounts during the hiring process? Answer: It is strongly recommend against reviewing a candidate’s social media accounts during the interview process. By doing so, you could be exposed to information about the protected classes to which your candidate belongs. For instance, if you went to their Facebook page, […]

OSHA Updates

OSHA Delays Electronic Record-Keeping Rule Compliance Date

Back in August, OSHA reported on the new OSHA rule, which would require certain employers to submit injury and illness data electronically. The new reporting requirement was scheduled to go into effect on July 1st of this year. However, OSHA just announced that the requirement has been delayed indefinitely. OSHA has not given the reason […]

termination decision

Thoroughly document rationale and timing for every termination decision

You never know which terminated employee will sue you, or for what reason. That’s why you must always treat every pending termination as if you will have to prove that you had solid business reasons for your decision. Even if you don’t share the reasons with the employee being terminated, internal documents should clearly show […]

disabled contractor

Do we need to accommodate a disabled contractor just like we would an employee?

Q. We just hired a contractor for a special project. He has complained that he is sensitive to the smells in our office, which include personal fragrance, scent diffusers and “smelly” food. Since he isn’t our employee can we just tell him to put up with the odor? A. Assuming this person is properly classified as […]

Best documentation practices

Best documentation practices

You can help limit your organization’s legal liability by counseling managers to keep three basic principles in mind when documenting discipline. Documentation should be: 1. Immediate. Managers should take notes right after an incident occurs. It’s much harder for an employee to cast doubt on the boss’s motives if the written explanation comes right after […]