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Employee Disabilites

Employee Disabilities

Due to a medical condition, an employee requests to move their desk from facing a wall to somewhere they would be able to see a farther distance when looking up.  In a case such as this, is it appropriate for the company to ask for medical documentation before considering the request? If this employee has […]

hire for your culture

Three Ways to Hire for Your Culture

Have you ever hired that remarkably experienced, impressively skilled employee who just doesn’t seem to fit in with your company culture? You thought the new hire shared your values and would adjust well to your workplace, but for some reason the employee blends in not better than a tiger inside of a house.   What […]

tardy timesheets

Tardy Timesheet Submissions and the Law

If an employee does not submit his timesheet on time, can the company lawfully delay processing his paycheck until the next pay period?   It is the employer’s obligation to pay employees on the set payday, regardless of whether a timecard has been submitted. There is no exception to the law that allows any employer […]

new hires

How to Attract New Hires

  Is your company struggling to find new hires? You’re not alone! A lot of companies are having trouble filling openings, especially for jobs with skills in high demand. The trick here is to stand out. Start really talking up your benefits, company culture, and perks.   It is important to not be shy in […]


Military: Potential New Hires and Situations

How should you proceed with a potential new employee that is in the military?   First of all, military status is a protected class and cannot be a factor in the selection of applicants or other terms and conditions of employment.   The Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Act (USERRA) protects the rights of applicants […]

parental leave

Extending Parental Leave Requests

What is the best way to handle an additional request for parental leave?   When deciding how to proceed with this employee you will need to consider both Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) requirements and your company’s practices and policies.   You are not required by FMLA to hold the employee’s job open once […]


Should We Have a Dating Agreement for Employees?

  Should your organization provide a dating agreement for your employees? An agreement regarding the dating relationship is certainly not required, but many employers use them. Utilizing these type of agreements can help set expectations and reduce liability. It is good practice to have employees sign a Consensual Relationship Agreement if they enter into a […]

political signs

Posting Political Signs an Employee Right?

  Is it an employee right to post political signs in their workspace? A private employer can ask an employee to remove political signs from their work areas or at least limit political expression in the workplace as long as it isn’t a conflict of the protected Section 7 rights or certain state laws. Section […]

remote employees

Do You Need to Provide Workstations for Remote Employees?

  You may provide workstations (ie: desk, chair, computer) for your remote employees, but usually you do not have to do so. There are certain states (such as California), where an employer is required to provide employees with all the tools necessary to complete the job or to reimburse those employees for such expenses. Workstation […]


The Proper Way to Handle An Employee Resignation

There have been some situations where employees will give a two week notice, but the manager decides to let that employee go immediately. What is the best and legal way to handle this situation? If there is no employment contract with the employee, any other bargaining agreement that applies to said employee, or a handbook […]