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oldest businesses in the United States

The Oldest Businesses in the United States

Does your small business have what it takes to be on a similar map in 100 years?  A strong HR department is important to reaching that goal.  We can help design your benefits package/programs, retirement plans, employee manual, onboarding process, and so much more!  Contact CyQuest today!  


The Importance of Non-Discrimination

What is the importance of non-discrimination? Let’s take a look at this insanely expensive lawsuit on this very subject. Bass pro to pay $10.5 million to settle EEOC hiring discrimination and retaliation suit Outdoor Equipment Chain Discriminated in Hiring and Punished Employees for Complaining, Federal Agency Charged HOUSTON – Springfield, Mo.-based Bass Pro Outdoor World, […]

Politics in the Workplace

When Managers Talk Politics in the Workplace

Question: Some managers have been continually talking about politics in the workplace, not taking into consideration anyone else’s political backgrounds and beliefs. It gets offensive at times, but employees are afraid to say anything. Any advice on how this can be handled? Answer: In general, a private employer can limit political expression in the workplace—provided they don’t […]

Reasons Why Employees Leave Paid Vacation Time On The Table

Reasons Why Employees Leave Paid Vacation Time On The Table

52% of Americans that received paid vacation time in 2016, did not use their allotted time.  Are we headed towards higher numbers for 2017?  The workaholic approach is deeply embedded in our culture, but employees that do not take the time to recharge, often find themselves stressed, overworked, sick and their overall performance suffers.  As […]


Note-Taking: Is there an App for that?

Are you covered up in sticky notes and scrap paper with notes jotted down?  Can’t find the note you need right now because it’s somewhere in the middle of all of that?  Try one of these useful apps for note-taking.  You might just become a much more organized professional. 1. Squid – If you’re a fan […]

Truths for Thought

Timeless Truths for Thought

Embrace Change – adapt to new everything – adopt early on rather than complain and be left behind Everything counts – every thought, email, decision moves you forward or away Network = Net worth – Connect with others that can help you not hinder. Add diversity to the mix. Be a Giver – Give of […]


FMLA Beyond Termination Date?

In a recent case (Douyon v. NYC Department of Education, No. 15-3932, 2nd Cir., 2016)  Marie sued alleging interference with her right to a full 12 weeks of FMLA.  Her lawsuit was dismissed. An employee rights to FMLA leave ends when employment ends.  The employee learned she was going to be terminated as part of […]

How To Be A Master Manager!

How To Be A Master Manager!

Every Manager has strong and weak points.  They may be great team leaders and motivators, but lack organization and ability to track projects and people.  All managers should have some mastery of the following skills: Fair and Fast Decisions:  Choose and prioritize options and consider the impact of each option on the team and their […]

wage-and-hour lawsuit

Increase your chances of winning a wage-and-hour lawsuit

The Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) and Department of Labor (DOL) regulations require employers to track all hours worked so employees can be paid for all the time they spend working. That’s especially true for hourly employees.  What about tracking hours for so-called exempt (also known as salaried) employees who aren’t eligible for overtime pay […]

Costs of Misclassification

What Are the Costs of Misclassification?

Question: We have an employee claiming they shouldn’t be classified as exempt from overtime. If it turns out they’re right, what are the penalties for misclassification? Answer: The cost of misclassification will depend on several factors, such as how many employees are misclassified, how much extra money they would have been paid if properly classified, how the […]