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How To Be A Master Manager!

How To Be A Master Manager!

Every Manager has strong and weak points.  They may be great team leaders and motivators, but lack organization and ability to track projects and people.  All managers should have some mastery of the following skills:

Fair and Fast Decisions:  Choose and prioritize options and consider the impact of each option on the team and their abilities.

Motivation:  We all respond differently to rewards and recognition.  Know your team, both as individuals and as a whole, to know what works so that everyone can excel.

Technical Savvy:  Keep up to date with changes, ideas and methods for your team to do their job.

Plan and assign appropriately:  Know your team’s talents, experience, expertise, skill, etc.  Match them to the needs of each project as well as day to day tasks. Remember there may be hidden abilities previously undiscovered. As a manager learn to recognize this hidden talents.

Identify and monitor work:  Know in advance what tasks are coming up and enlist the support of your team.  Ask members how things are going and encourage them to report issues and successes.

Delegate: Your team are closer to the work at hand.  Assign the duties that are needed to allow for the team members to prioritize duties together.

Allow Freedom:  Allow the team members to do the work they think is best.  This increases motivation and satisfaction.

Are your managers the Master mangers they need to be?  Are you?  Get with CyQuest today for training on this and other management classes!