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Employee Engagement

5 Ways to Increase Employee Engagement

Here are 5 ways you can increase employee engagement in your organization Assign Company Values Put together a list of company core values that your organization aspires to encompass. Then, every month, assign one of your company’s values to an employee based on a peer-voting process. You can do this for one employee a month […]


Should Your Organization Have a Policy Against Nepotism?

Some companies are concerned with employees who are spouses reporting to one another. Is this legal? Should there be a policy against nepotism? There is no law against employing relatives. Nepotism in fact, is quite common in the United States. That being said, there are some precautions worth mentioning. As a best practice, it is […]


Can We Say That Being Bilingual Is a Requirement?

Can your organization post job ads that state, “Bilingual in English/Spanish is a must?” If speaking Spanish is an essential function of the job, then you may certainly say that being bilingual is a requirement and consider only Spanish-speaking applicants for the role. Generally, there is nothing discriminatory about requiring that applicants know an additional […]

bag checks

Bag Checks at Work

Is it allowed for an organization to check the bags of employees and visitors when they leave a certain area of the premises? Yes, you can check the bags and possessions leaving your premises. This should only be done if you have properly notified employees and visitors in advance of this practice. By giving advance […]

Work From Home

“Work From Home” Programs & Policies

Our organization is considering a “work-from-home” program, what specific guidelines or restrictions are recommended? If you decide to offer a telecommuting program, it is recommended that you create a policy and follow it consistently. In addition, any employee who telecommutes should sign an agreement stating that they have read and understood the policy and acknowledge […]


Pungency in the Breakroom

What should you do if you have complaints in the office about nasty smelling leftovers? Can you tell employees not to heat up stinky foods in the office breakroom microwave? While there are no legal guidelines you have to follow, it is recommended to be very sensitive when addressing this issue. You definitely do not […]

Affordable Care Act

2016 Affordable Care Act Changes

What are the Affordable Care Act changes scheduled to take place in 2016? Under the Affordable Care Act, there are several changes for large employers (100+ full time equivalent employees) and mid-sized employers (50-99 full time equivalent employees). Here are the major ones to be aware of in 2016: Employer Mandate Reporting Begins (Section 6056 […]

Seasonal Employees

Seasonal Employees and the ACA

How many weeks can an employee work and still be classified as a seasonal employee under the Affordable Care Act? The law has changed a bit on this issue of seasonal employees. If an employee works for your organization for less than six months, they may be classified as ‘seasonal’ and the employer mandate penalties […]

hair length

Workplace Policies on Hair Length

Are you able to include a dress code policy in your employee handbook that specifies requirements for facial hair/hair length? While it is legal to have an across the board policy that facial hair is not permitted or must be well-trimmed, some disabilities prevent people from being able to shave regularly. There are also some […]

Employee Disabilites

Employee Disabilities

Due to a medical condition, an employee requests to move their desk from facing a wall to somewhere they would be able to see a farther distance when looking up.  In a case such as this, is it appropriate for the company to ask for medical documentation before considering the request? If this employee has […]