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Employee Disabilities

Employee DisabilitesDue to a medical condition, an employee requests to move their desk from facing a wall to somewhere they would be able to see a farther distance when looking up.  In a case such as this, is it appropriate for the company to ask for medical documentation before considering the request?

If this employee has a disability, whether it is physical or a mental disability that limits a major life activity, a company must consider making an accommodation for said employee. If you do not have enough information to decipher whether or not this is a qualifying condition as a disability, it would be appropriate to request medical documentation.

Be sure to explain to the employee that you are willing to consider the accommodation if the treating physician completes and returns an ADA Medical Inquiry Form. This form, substantiates an employee’s impairment and need for said accommodation. Also, be sure to tell the employee that having the doctor complete the form is completely optional, but the company needs a completed form in order to consider such a request. About 2 weeks to return the form is the recommended time frame.

When the employee returns the form, you need to discuss with them what reasonable accommodations (such as moving their desk) could be made without putting an undue hardship on the company.

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