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Why Do Good Employees Leave?

good employeesA study came up with a surprising discovery: If you are losing good people, look to their immediate supervisor. Why is this? Most likely it is because more than any other reason, supervisors are the sole purpose employees stay and flourish in an organization. They are also most likely the reason why that good employee is quitting, taking their knowledge, experience and contacts with them. Most often these good employees are going straight to the competition.

Marcus Buckingham and Curt Coffman wrote, “People leave managers, not companies. So much money has been thrown at the challenge of keeping good people – in the form of better pay, better perks and better training – when, in the end, turnover is mostly a manager issue.”

If your organization is experiencing a high turnover rate, take a look at your managers and supervisors first.


An employee’s primary need has less to do with money, and more to do with how he’s being treated and how much value he/she feels.


Be sure your employees and supervisors are being trained properly. CyQuest has a wonderful employee training and development program. Contact us today for more information!