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Strategies for Difficult Talks with Employees

Difficult Talks with Employees

You don’t want to, but it comes with the duties of management positions, difficult talks with employees. These talks could be about performance, attendance, reduction in hours, change in duties, and many more. Regardless of the topic here are some strategies to help.

1 – Don’t wait. Putting off a conversation is the worst thing you can do. The sooner the discussion is done, the sooner any problems can be resolved.

2 – Plan. Prepare your remarks and data. Have an action plan ready. Also be ready to listen to the employee’s concerns.

3 – Keep it Private. Meet with the employee in an office or conference room with a closed door, away from other employees if possible.

4 – Ask HR. Touch base with your HR department to be sure you avoid violations of employment laws.

If your company doesn’t have an HR department, contact CyQuest today. We’d love to be your partner and assist you with these and other issues.