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Appropriate Workspace Displays

Appropriate Workspace Displays

Question: Can you provide guidance on what personal items are appropriate for display in employee workspaces? We’d like workstations to look professional and organized, and we’re concerned that some currently displayed items (small toys, etc.) give the office an unprofessional and cluttered feel. Answer: Employers typically decide what amount and type of personal items are appropriate based […]


When FMLA Time Runs Out

Question: What happens if an employee’s FMLA time has run out, and then they say they’re not able to return to work? Answer: Even if an employee has exhausted their FMLA leave for the year, their condition may fall under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Under the ADA, a disabled employee is one who has […]

Signed Timesheets

Do Employees Need To Submit Signed Timesheets?

Question: Is it mandatory for employees to  sign timesheets? Answer: It is not a requirement that timesheets be signed. It is recommended though, that employees acknowledge that their time records are accurate, either by signing them or by some other submission and acknowledgment method or technology. Having employees review and approve their timesheets prior to submission allows […]

workplace poster locations

Acceptable Workplace Poster Locations

Question: We currently have the federal workplace posters displayed in the lunch room. We want to use that space on the wall for other things, and we were thinking of moving the posters to the employee entrance. What are the posting location guidelines? Answer: Generally, federal workplace posters must be displayed in conspicuous places where they […]

Expired ID

Can We Accept Expired ID for the I-9?

Question: A newly-hired employee  cannot come up with proper identification for the Form I-9. He has presented an expired state ID, but no other documentation. We assume that we can’t accept the expired documentation. Can we still have him work or should we let him go? Answer: You are correct that you may not accept an […]

Progressive Discipline

Why You Should Consider Progressive Discipline Before Termination

Terminating employment almost always comes with a risk, even when it’s done for good reason. You can reduce this risk by using progressive discipline. Progressive discipline is a progression of disciplinary actions with increasing consequences. When it is used correctly it gives employees with behavioral and/or performance problems the time and opportunity to improve their […]

Rounding Employee's Time

Rounding Employee’s Time

Rounding employees’ time is legal under the Fair Labor Standards Act as long as doing so doesn’t result in the employee being shorted in pay over an extended time. Although the Department of Labor doesn’t specify how many pay periods over which timekeeping must even out, employers who round should spot check at least every […]

employee retention

Employee Retention: How To Keep Good Employees!

Employee retention is one of the most difficult and expensive challenges faced by business owners, managers, and HR departments. Although the keys to retention and low turnover aren’t easy, they are simple. And many research dollars have come to the same conclusion. To keep the right employees around, these three things are essential: Pick the right […]

pay increase

When a Pay Increase Is Appropriate

Question: Is it legal to give an employee a raise based on our need for her to work more hours? The tasks assigned to the employee require more time than initially estimated. The employee is doing a great job, so the company like to offer some added incentive for her to “sign up” for more […]



Paper, paper, and more paper. What to keep, what to shred, how long to keep? While the keep everything forever might feel comfortable, it’s not reasonable. Then there’s the this doesn’t need to be with that rule. It’s confusing for most companies. This is a fact sheet from the U.S. Department of Labor with Recordkeeping […]