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Appreciation Goes a Long Way


Let’s be truthful, all of us like to be appreciated for what we do. We’re not speaking of hearing our praises sang throughout the office, what we are talking about is being appreciated. Maybe Jane is ‘doing her job’ when she answers the phones and routes the calls, but without her being at the phone, listening to the caller, and transferring appropriately, your business would suffer. In other words you would notice if she wasn’t ‘doing her job’. Tell her thank you for making a good first impression when someone calls.

Your whole office is involved in a deadline on a project, putting in time and effort, maybe staying late or opting not to take lunch, to get their piece done. A big thank you is needed here and a surprise lunch will show further appreciation.

Everyone should be appreciated for the work they do. It goes a long way in improving office morale.

For more ideas on showing appreciate see this article: https://www.thebalance.com/top-ways-to-show-appreciation-to-employees-1916807