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5 Ways to Increase Employee Engagement

Employee EngagementHere are 5 ways you can increase employee engagement in your organization

  1. Assign Company Values

Put together a list of company core values that your organization aspires to encompass. Then, every month, assign one of your company’s values to an employee based on a peer-voting process. You can do this for one employee a month and for each core value that your company develops. Celebrating the hard work of your employees and publicly acknowledging their achievements highlights both your core values and your top employees.

    2. Encourage Personal Projects

Give employees a specified window of time to pursue their own projects. Having people from different departments connecting and bouncing ideas around can help bring new perspectives to the table. Projects and initiatives might receive a new sense of direction and focus, encouraging creativity and positive energy in the office.

    3. Use team photos

Post photos of your team on the wall or frame them around the office. Group photos, funny photos, events photos, candid photos – whatever fit your office culture. Displaying photos may not seem like much, but they can encourage work relationships and foster employees’ sense of belonging. A remarkable photo can be the perfect conversation starter.

    4. Celebrate achievements

Big or small, employee achievements are solid proof that the time and effort people are putting in has meaning. Burnout can happen to anyone, so refill your employees’ energy tanks with some recognition and celebration of their hard work. It’s great for team morale and cohesiveness.

    5. Empower your employees

Nothing create a greater sense of responsibility and ownership than having the authority to make meaningful decisions. Don’t be afraid to let employees lead themselves, when and where appropriate. Unlike micro-management, this practice builds lasting trust.

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