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personnel files

Access to Personnel Files: The Laws in 50 States

Did you know that currently there is no federal law that grants employees the right to access their own personnel files? There are however, different laws for each state on this topic. Click here for a list of the laws by each state. Your company should have a policy regarding employee access to their personnel […]


The Department of Labor Reveals New Overtime Rules

The Department of Labor (DOL)  has effectively doubled the current $23,660 salary threshold. This means that exempt administrative, executive and professional employees will all be eligible for overtime pay providing they don’t earn more than $47,476 per year ($913 per week). Employees that earn that amount or less will be eligible for overtime pay when […]

Salaries of Exempt Employees

Can the Salaries of Exempt Employees Include Commissions?

Your organization has a salaried employee that makes about $42,000 per year. Including commissions and it is estimated that he will make about $48,000 or more per year. Can he still be exempt? What happens if his commissions do not exceed the minimum of $47,476 as expected? This topic is definitely something employers with commissioned […]

The Truth About Lying on Resumes

Have you intentionally lied on your resume?  The infographic shares some interesting percentages.  As a business owner, are you verifying the information potential hires have provided on their resumes?  Should you? Depending on the company and position applied for, a thorough background check may or may not be needed.  It is good practice to put […]

messy break room

Messy Shared Spaces

Messy shared spaces, like bathrooms, kitchens and break rooms can be a serious sore spot in any office. You may have even found yourself posting notes on the walls with messages like, “Dirty dishes in the sink will be thrown away at the end of the day.” If it is at all possible, it is […]


FLSA Exempt Employee Minimum Salary Changes: Doing the Math

As you have probably heard, the Department of Labor is planning to dramatically raise the minimum salary requirement for employees to qualify as exempt under the “White Collar Exemptions.” It’s possible this new minimum will be as high as $50,440, which could impact nearly five million employees. The threshold could certainly be lower when announced, […]


Characteristics That Are Protected From Discrimination

Most employers are familiar with the classes of people or characteristics that are protected from discrimination—race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, citizenship, genetic information, and military status. But some of these categories have broadened in scope in recent years. In particular, the definition of sex has been expanding significantly over the years through decisions […]


Unconscious Biases in the Workplace

  In an effort to create more diversity-friendly workplaces, tech giants like Google and Facebook have been training employees to recognize their unconscious biases in the workplace. As the term implies, these biases are below the surface, unintended, and often undesired. They’re implicit rather than explicit. Explicit biases are evident in what people say and […]

employee cost

How to Calculate the Actual Employee Cost

You want to calculate the actual cost of an employee to help with cost analysis, bidding jobs, and pro forma financial statements. How should you do this? Determining the “true cost” of an employee is more complex than most people realize. First off, you need to determine the cost for each of the items below. […]


Is Your Paycheck Smaller Than It Should Be?

5 Money Mistakes That Could Affect Your Paycheck Of course most companies don’t willingly deceive their employees, but mistakes do happen from time to time. After all, we are only human. Exempt vs. Non-Exempt An exempt employee is paid a salary, which is a fixed rate each pay period. If you work 50 hours in […]