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hire wrong people

Why Do Great Managers Hire the Wrong People?

You looked at hundreds of resumes, you interviewed 25 candidates, you had second interviews with 5 and made a hiring decision. Everything is great, until Day 1. What happened? Does this scenario continue to happen to you? You did everything right, or did you? The first step of effective hiring is to have an effective […]

FLSA Violation

Does it violate the FLSA to require a salaried, exempt employee to clock in and out?

Requiring a salaried, exempt employee to use a time clock is not an FLSA violation. It is recommended, however, that an employer have a business reason to track an exempt employee’s hours. For example, an employer may opt to track an exempt employee’s hours for purposes of client billing, grant tracking, intermittent FMLA leave or sick […]

new FLSA rule

Does the New FLSA Rule Affect All Exempt & Part Time Employees?

Effective December 1, 2016, the new rule will apply to all employees who were previously exempt under the White Collar Exemptions and subject to the minimum salary threshold. Certain white collar employees, such as some of those in sales, bona fide teachers, doctors, lawyers, and business owners, were not subject to the same (or any) […]

name changes

How to Handle Legal Name Changes for Employees After a Marriage

There are a few administrative considerations when an employee undergoes a legal name change. First things first, you’ll need the employee to provide a copy of their updated Social Security card with their new name, since the IRS requires the Social Security card to match the payroll records. You’ll also need the employee to provide […]

The Most Honest Cities

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toxic employees

5 Types of Toxic Employees

Does your business suffer with employee toxicity?  This is a very common issue at many businesses. One toxic employee can bring down several others by spreading rumors, complaining about pay, giving false information, being lazy and more.  It could be this employee produces great work, which makes dealing with the issue more challenging.   If […]

late timesheet

Can You Pay an Employee Late for Turning in a Late Timesheet?

It can be super frustrating when an employee turns in a late timesheet. It is the employer’s responsibility under federal and state law to pay employees on the established payday for hours that were worked, regardless of whether or not a complete timesheet was submitted. There is no exception to this law that allows an […]

Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) Manual

How to Create a Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) Manual

Have you ever started a job where the training was very minimal and there was no existence of a manual to explain how to do your job functions correctly? Unfortunately, yes, this does actually happen and more often than it should! What would you do if your right hand person was out for a long […]

questions to ask employees

Questions to Ask Employees Within Their First 60 Days

Finding, hiring and training new employees can take up a lot of a manager’s time. The absolute last thing any manager wants to do is to begin the hiring process all over again because that new hire just left after three months. In order to avoid repeating this very time consuming process, it’s important to […]